Discover Scuba Diving

Started on June 22, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it is like to breathe underwater? This 3-hour program is an exciting and easy introduction into the picturesque underwater landscape of Cyprus with its crystal clear and calm waters. It includes a 20-30 minutes comprehensive classroom lesson before the dive, explaining everything you need to know about diving.

After the theory session we will kit you up and drive 2 minutes down to the beach around the corner. You will take your first breath underwater. Something you will never forget! In shallow water we will practice a few skills to develop confidence.

Once you feel comfortable, we will have a 30-45 minute tour in Blue Bay to a maximum depth of 6 metres. You will have the chance to feed the fish and have some photographs taken.

After the dive, we will go back to the dive school, have some refreshments while you are watching your photographs on TV.

At the end we will drive you back to your hotel.

Our group sizes are limited to only 2 students per instructor or one family per instructor.