The minimum age for children to dive is 8 years.

The maximum depth for a bubblemaker is 2 meter.

The maximum depth for as DSD is 12 meter.

Absolutely! You do dot need to be a swimmer to go diving.

The course takes about 3 to 4 days.

The Advanced Open Water Course takes about 2 and a half days.

Yes you can. We can spread the days according to your schedule.

The mimimum age for children to become a qulified diver is 10 years.

Of cause you can dive together. We do a DSD or Bubblemaker program with your child and you can join in on the dive.

In 2020 the UHMS released an updated Diver Medical. When you go through the questionaire, and you answer yes to any of the questions, it is a good idea to contact a physician to make sure you are fit to dive.

Yes you can. Please contact us and we can send you the online teching materials so you can study at home.

There are two options. You can buy your online teaching independently or you contact us and we can get the e-learning materials a little bit cheaper for you.

Yes you can. Once you have access to your e-learning, you can use different devices for your studying.

You will find tides and currents are all over the world but because we do mostly shore dives in protected areas and bays, there is just very little to none influence by tides and currents in Cyprus.

We do a lot of shore diving around the beautiful marine park of Cape Grecko. For advanced divers there are also numerous boat dives on local wrecks availible.

Cyprus is one of the safest places to dive. You will find nothing dangerous especially around the coastline where we dive.

We highly recommend a check dive for all divers. This is the time to get yourself familiar with the equipment and prepare everything for the Zenobia dives.

For professional level diver (DM or above) the check dive is not a requirement, but recommended.

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